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Renee, thanks for your continued great work. Today's issue just poured more salt in my "why can't I watch the Rockies when they're not on local TV" wound. Monfort's claim that streaming is "above his pay grade" is directly opposite of what he told me in an email May 3, 2019, after I complained about this very issue. Here's what he wrote, in part: "I’ve said before and I will deliver and fix this problem, our last deal was done in 2009, we are negotiating a new deal now and I will make sure we get this thing fixed, I was as frustrated as you yesterday, although we got a feed at the stadium so all of us in the Coors Field office could watch. You are right and it is ridiculous we just want to watch the game, and we all pay to do it and to have a few games out of our rights is wrong. Sorry and assure you we will fix."

Needless to say, he didn't fix it. And worse, when I called him on it, he never answered.

Thanks again,

Steve Lang

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Whatever Dick Monfort says is BS. Agents are the problem with the game? No...the problem is greedy owners who take all the profits from each season and then the capital games when they sell the teams. The owners are the problem and that goes back to Charles Comiskey when he authored the Black Sox Scandal. Let me know when the do-gooder Owners are going to open up their books to let us know exactly how much they are losing because, I for one, don't believe a single one of them. They were born on 3rd base and think they hit a triple. San Diego can spend money for Soto, Tatis Jr., Manny Machado, Xander Bogaerts, etc...but the Rockies can't even keep Trevor Story? Well that would have been a bust but then I'd know you were at least trying. Our superstar once again will be CJ Cron. Good luck with winning 75 games with Cron at first base and a AAA roster. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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