Hi Renee, love the newsletter, but I do feel I need to point out that that 1995 Blake Street Bombers offense lauded in the tweet at the top had a team OPS+ of 94 despite leading the league in runs scored. Right at league average, and not really much better than the 90 posted by the 2022 team. 1990s Coors Field was a truly crazy offensive park, well beyond the humidor version of today.

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At 27 years old, a rookie, and a Rockie, if Justin Lawrence has a "huge year on tap"...then I'll be stupefied, mystified and wrong. I've been following this game for 60 years now and have no idea what a VB or HB are, or what the significance is of "an outlier release height". I do know what Ks are; and even BBs, ERA, Ws, Ls, Rs and ERs. I can do everything except Scout with these Statistics. I won't talk about Scouts in this post.

The Rockies won't win 75 games this season. 70 might be a climb. They should easily make 63.

All these fancy statistics are just evidence that there is a science of baseball. I don't get it, and I don't need to know it. If a pitcher is striking out two batters for every one he is walking, that's a decent number. If a pitcher's ERA is sub 3.00, even 4.00, he is a decent pitcher. As the ERA gets into the 4.01 territory and higher, he becomes an average pitcher (except in Coors Field). Tell me the ERA is above 5.00, and well, I'm beginning to look elsewhere for a pitcher. I have never seen a sub 4.00 ERA pitcher that walked more than he struck out. I have never seen an over .500 pitcher who's ERA was in the 6s, even in Coors Field.

So SABRmetrics be damned and so should Brian Kenny. Launch Angle, Trajectory and other statistics that we have only seen collected by computers, are appropriate and necessary for additional information, but lend little to the conversation of the hot stove league. Give me a guy's OB or SLG, if it's a good sample size, and I'll hazard a guess of whether he will be drafted or not. Rockies Management has already buried their head in the sand. Now they can see what they created as the substitute for a championship team.

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